Name About Job Role Sex
The word "thugs" originates from Hindi and Sanskrit word, and here is referenced to suggest a group of organized criminals. group
Stone, George W. Stone is the author of Electro-Biology: or, the Electrical science of life showman M
Hayden, Maria B. Maria B. Hayden was an American medium who gained popularity in England during the 1850s. medium F
Wordsworth, William poet M
Parsons, Elizabeth Elizabeth Parsons was the child involved in the Cock Lane Ghost story. Parsons rappings drew the attention of the neighborhood, though eventually it was discovered she was fabricating the story, possibly at the behest of her father. medium child F
Lynes, Fanny Fanny Lynes was the woman supposed to be haunting the Parsons' home. It has been suggested that Lynes was poisoned with arsenic, though this cannot be confirmed. ghost F
Robinson, J. spiritualist author U
Fox, family
Culvern, family
Brown, reporter M
Thompson, reporter M
King, Horatio Nelson King was identified using the Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography. United Kingdom, Taylor & Francis, 2013. photographer M
Black Shag, ghost M
Schweim, ghost M
Crowe, Catherine Catherine Crowe was a spiritualist and author. author F
Spring Rice, Thomas Thomas Rice was an Irish politician politician M
Russell, John Lord John Russell was British Prime Minister (Whig) from 1846 - 1852, and again from 1865 to 1866. Prime Minister politician M
Brougham, Henry Peter Lord Henry Brougham was a Whig politician and lord chancellor of England from 1830 - 1834 Lord Chancellor politician M
Nelson, Horatio Horatio Nelson was a Naval official known for his death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy admiral M
Paine, Thomas Thomas Paine was the author of the pamphlet Common Sense. writer M
Wood, Matthew Matthew Wood was a mayor of London from 1815-1817. mayor M
Jones, George George Jones was a Coldstream Guard, possibly part of the Buckingham House Guard. guard M
Donkin, Richard Richard Donkin was a Coldstream Guard, possibly part of the Buckingham House Guard. guard M
Ford, Richard Sir Richard Ford was a police magistrate in London during the early 1800s. magistrate M
Stafford, clerk M
Ady, Joseph Joseph Ady was a famous fraudster in London. fraudster M