Digital humanities

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Course projects

See also student projects from our newtFire sibling courses at the University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg and Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Spring 2021

Animal motifs in Norse popular tales (GitHub)
Naomi Baig, Caleb Karsh, Jagr Krtanjek, Jeremy Tygh
Folk imagery of Natalia Lafourcade (GitHub)
Joy Gimei, Grace Hutchinson. Autumn Moore
Hozier’s religious imagery (GitHub)
Sarah Jacobson, Lauren Stanick
Inaugural addresses (GitHub)
Grace Campbell, Elizabeth Rapkin, Edwin Rosenberg
Linguistic features of Emily Dickinson’s poetry (GitHub)
Caroline Gish, Wyatt Nicholas, Rachel Wonder
Stalin’s letters to Molotov (GitHub)
Peter Busscher, Hunter Casazza, Sara Lozito

Spring 2020

Clash of the two souls in Goethe’s Faust (GitHub)
Rob Henry, Islam Farag, Danny Phan
Dostoevsky (GitHub)
Kiun Hwang, Emma Schwarz
Songs of colonization (GitHub)
Lilly Forrest, Maja Lynn, Evan Ressel
Soviet rock songs in Estonia and Leningrad (GitHub)
Misha Barth, Crissy Shannon, Jack Sweeney
The Aeneid in translation (GitHub)
Sarah Maenner, Kalan McDonald, Marion Riley
Van Gogh as a tortured genius (GitHub)
Nate McDowell, Rachel Saula, Charlie Taylor, Colin Woelfel

Spring 2019

Such syntax, much meme: a linguistic analysis of memes and their structural syntax (GitHub)
Kasey Busko, Rebekah Fox, Brenda Olivares
A comparative literary analysis of midrashic texts (GitHub)
Thyra-Lilja Altunin, Ben Bavar, Samantha Watkins
Tracking language of catch and release in the poetical corpus of Edgar Allan Poe (GitHub)
Matthew Borbonus, Kyle Huber, Ethan Moser
Detecting orientalism in Sherlock Holmes (GitHub)
Kelly O’Donnell, Lauren Reese
Mapping Gulshani’s gazetteer of Bukhara (GitHub)
Jonathan Engel, James Pickett
Gender analysis of Serbian women’s songs (GitHub)
Daniel Daudinot, Mitchell Luckman, Emma Mamula

See also Greensburg project sites for spring 2019

Spring 2018

Alice in Wonderland in translation [GitHub]
Emily Byron, Dana Kaufhold
Analysis of Russian presidential candidates [GitHub]
Richard Fulop, Ian Loughney, Matthew Murphy
Gender differences over time in Japanese and Korean speech [GitHub]
Paige Bruckner, Gina D’Amore
Use of rhetoric in magical realism
Rachel Bierly, Joseph Rogers, Daniel Schatten

Autumn 2017

90s Rap Project [GitHub]
Monica Felix, Wesley Ho
Portuguese WhatsApp [GitHub]
Tyler T. Bokan, Patrick Brooks, Brandon Rodgers

Spring 2017

Illustrious children [GitHub]
Katherine Mentecki, Emily Weiss
Immigration station [GitHub]
Zachary Enick, Eric Hue, Christopher Montgomery, Elaina Zachos
Networks in Chinese and Japanese poetry [GitHub]
Angela Klinger, Shaobai Xiong

Autumn 2016

Dante’s Inferno [GitHub]
Meghan Banerjee, Jessica Criswell, Emma Feyler, Nicole Myrie
Victorian ghost stories [GitHub]
Abigail Drabick, Gabrielle Keane, Kaylen Sanders, David Wade

Spring 2016

Game of thrones
Shannen Davis, Jeromine Quenee, Caitlin (Liliya) Riley
Jordanian Arabic: spoken grammar variations [GitHub]
Amber Montgomery
The Klingon Hamlet
Ryan Schroeder
Musicality of phrase: an analysis of five songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Allie Roos, Lauryn Thomas

Autumn 2015

An illuminating look at the syntax and Rowlingisms of Harry Potter across three languages
Rebecca Berland, Taylor Diken, Allison Hosinski
Language in Tarantino films
Olivia Bianchini, Abigail Chan
A portrait of St. Petersburg movie-goers [GitHub]
Tom Elvins, Alexander Prokhorov, Elena Prokhorova
Presidential speeches from 1789 to 2013 [GitHub]
Yi Ding
Twitter neologisms [GitHub]
Thomas McIntyre, Johne-Henre Rzodkiewicz

Spring 2015

The nonsensical Seuss
Kendra Guinness, Shawn Kurta, Jen Stevenson, Emma Thompson
Vittles, verses, and victory: A study of food and alliances in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The lord of the rings
Anjuli Das, Ashley Necciai, Rebecca Wallace
Anglicisms in French: Parlez-vous franglais? [GitHub]
Devra Gatling, Will Randall, Emmett Williams, Vicki Yuhas
The diachronic growth of Joey Bada$$ [GitHub]
Zack Barker, Ben Garfinkel, Paige Goulding

Autumn 2014

Contemporary folk music: Exploring relationships between themes across languages [GitHub]
Mako Ishikawa, Taylor Santos
Discovering protest music: Can we define it? [GitHub]
David Galloway, Leonidas Pashos, Katie Uihlein
Mapping medieval Galician-Portuguese literature and its networks [GitHub]
Helena Bermúdez Sabel, Lydia Keener
Write, reporter, write: Politics and language of Turkish rock music [GitHub]
Maura Adams, Alex Krongel, Steve Sloto

Spring 2014

Gawain’s ghost: Examination of cultural allusions in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [GitHub]
Ryan Henderson, Phillip Ferguson
Google Translate divergences: Examining Harry Potter translations [GitHub]
Ethan Freer, Rebecca Lebens, Jessica Packer
The women of Boccaccio’s Decameron [GitHub]
Mia Bencivenga, Karla Lopez
U.S. presidential inaugural addresses: So help me God [GitHub]
Alex Burger, Alathia Campbell, Michael Pearsall
Waka of the Nara period: Exploring classical Japanese and representations of home life in Man'yoshu [GitHub]
Liyi Chen, Courtney Zelinsky

Autumn 2013

Aesop’s fables
Chloe Regan, Catherine Walsh, Reihana Wilson
Language in English civil war title pages
Simon Brown, Ariel Hammel, Anthony Verardi
Nationalism in Russian rap
Minas Abovyan, Kristina Miller, Andrew Nitz
The UNIT dating crisis: Investigating shipping choices in Doctor Who’s UNIT era
Rachel Folwarczny, Mara Katz
Twilight princess
Ashley Bakaitus, Eleanor Bennet, Daniel Brabender

Spring 2013

Digital archives and Pacific cultures
Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Greg Bondar, Megan Hughes, Scott Morgan
Gallic wars
Bryon Becker, Alex Scott
Names of Crime and punishment
Alexandra Brusilovsky, Olga Kim
RuNet: Exploring Russian Internet language
Jay Boehmer, Joe Petrich
The Alice project
Rachel Peters, Peter Webb
Twitter parody project
Devon Broglie, Kimaya Padgaonkar, Sung Wi
Yiddish theatre project
Eric Baldwin, Naomi Borreback

Autumn 2012

Akhmatova through the ages
Sam Depretis, Erin Harrington, Elise Thorsen
Exploring Homestuck
Kate Pigliacelli, Mary Zuzack
Past tense verb use in Jules Verne’s Vingt-mille lieues sous les mers
Elizabeth DeVito, Sean Stewart
The Milton project
Katelyn Antolik, John Eckhardt
Tongue twisters from around the world
Joel Blackman-Mathis, Brian Cusimano

Spring 2012

Die neuen Leiden des jungen W.
Brandon Wilson, Julia Yingling
Finnegans wake
Elliot Halpern, Mackenzie Shivery
Lotus sutra: literary features as teaching tools objective
Shipra Kumar, Samuel Suzuki
Russian secret tales
Valeria Pinchuk, Jean Romanowski
The O. Henry project
Cordelia Cayten, Margaret Norbeck, Sungmoon Woo
The book of Revelation and its imageries
Jenn Stampfel, Sebastien Xu

Autumn 2011

Finding the difference in innocence and experience: A comparison of mirroring poems in William Blake’s Songs of innocence and experience
Eva Jiang, Charles Mietzner
My immortal
Janis Chinn, Jacob Deitloff, Eric Gratta
Print media usage of marked features in Serbian and Croatian
Glyn Cozart, Diane Manovich
Tale of the trader and the jinni
Christopher Gursky
The canonization of digitial humanities through John Donne
Cynthia Wilson
Who paid the bill?
Rachel Asher