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Test #2: Relax NG


Please manually write a Relax NG schema that can validate an XML version of T.S. Eliot’s The hollow men, found at Your schema should aim for a sensible compromise between enforcing (don’t allow anything that shouldn’t be there) and enabling (allow things that are likely to show up in similar documents). For example, you don’t want to require all poems in a hypothetical corpus to have exactly the same number and arrangements of stanzas and lines as this one, or exactly the same title, but you also don’t want to allow markup that doesn’t belong in poems.

Create your answers in <oXygen/> as a Relax NG schema using compact syntax (that is, the type of schema we’ve been practicing). Your answer file must follow our file-naming conventions (, using .rnc as the filename extension (to indicate that you are submitting a Relax NG compact schema file). Please do not submit the XML; we will associate the XML with your schema ourselves. If you want to include any comments for us, format them as Relax NG comments, and you can refresh your memory about how to do that at the top of our Patterns and anti-patterns page.