Digital humanities

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Test #2: Relax NG

Your task is to create a Relax NG schema for our XML version of Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee. Your schema should constrain the XML while also allowing for the reasonable integration of new material. Hint: you will want to use repeatable or-groups when you model mixed content, and you can read about those under Mixed content in our Relax NG content models posting. Make sure that you validate the XML file with your schema before you are done.

Should you have any questions about the test, please post them in our obdurodon/dh_course issues area (and when you respond to someone’s query, which you are encouraged to do, you can nudge them in the right direction, but don’t give away the answer). You may use any reference material you would like while creating your schema (books, Internet, etc.), except that you cannot receive help from another person, and your work needs to be your own. When you are finished, upload your schema to CourseWeb, where we have created an assignment for it (you do not need to upload the XML).