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Spring 2019 project presentations

Presentations of projects developed during the spring 2019 semester in Coding and data visualization (Greensburg) and Computational methods in the humanities (Oakland) take place on Wednesday, April 17 and Friday, April 19 from 10:00–10:50 a.m. at the locations listed below.

Wednesday, April 17

CL 501 (English department)

10:00-10:08 Such syntax, much meme: a linguistic analysis of memes and their structural syntax [GitHub]
Kasey Busko, Rebekah Fox, and Brenda Olivares
10:08-10:10 (transition)
10:10-10:18 The Banksy project [GitHub]
Alyssa Argento, James Farley, and Abdual Nadeem
10:18-10:20 (transition)
10:20-10:28 Tracking language of catch and release in the poetical corpus of Edgar Allan Poe [GitHub]
Matthew Borbonus, Kyle Huber, and Ethan Moser
10:28-10:30 (transition)
10:20-10:38 Pokemon map [GitHub]
Alan Chen and Jacob Gonos
10:38-10:40 (transition)
10:40-10:48 Mapping Gulshani’s gazetteer of Bukhara [GitHub]
Jon Engel and James Pickett

Friday, April 19

4130 Posvar Hall

10:00-10:08 A comparative literary analysis of midrashic texts [GitHub]
Thyra-Lilja Altunin, Ben Bavar, and Sam Watkins
10:08-10:10 (transition)
10:10-10:18 Bloodborne Lore [GitHub]
Donald Denne, Nathan Dietz, and Frank Koshinskie
10:18-10:20 (transition)
10:20-10:28 Gender analysis of Serbian women’s songs [GitHub]
Daniel Daudinot, Mitchell Luckman, and Emma Mamula
10:28-10:30 (transition)
10:20-10:38 The Ulysses project [GitHub]
Fiona Carter, Kiara De Vore, and Brad Thomas
10:38-10:40 (transition)
10:40-10:48 Detecting orientalism in Sherlock Holmes [GitHub]
Kelly O'Donnell and Lo Reese