Digital humanities

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Spring 2018 project presentations

Presentations of projects developed during the spring 2018 semester in Coding and data visualization (Greensburg) and Computational methods in the humanities (Oakland) take place in CL G-27 on Friday, April 20 from 9:30–10:50 a.m.

9:30–9:39 Alice in Wonderland in translation [GitHub]
Emily Byron, Dana Kaufhold
9:39–9:41 (transition)
9:41–9:50 Akira: A textual analysis [GitHub]
Nicholas Pcsolar, Mark Raschiatore
9:50–9:52 (transition)
9:52–10:01 Analysis of Russian presidential candidates [GitHub]
Richard Fulop, Ian Loughney, Matthew Murphy
10:01–10:03 (transition)
10:03–10:12 Rick and Morty [GitHub]
Dorothea Lint, Allyson Hall
10:12–10:14 (transition)
10:14–10:23 Gendered language in Japanese pop music [GitHub]
Paige Bruckner, Gina D’Amore
10:23–10:25 (transition)
10:25–10:34 Overholt diary [GitHub]
Alex Fell, Garrett Joiner
10:34–10:36 (transition)
10:36–10:45 Use of rhetoric in magical realism
Rachel Bierly, Joseph Rogers, Daniel Schatten