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Author: Helena Bermúdez Sabel ( Maintained by: David J. Birnbaum ( [Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported License] Last modified: 2015-09-28T16:33:26+0000

Fake KML embed gadget

Before using the gadget

If you have not yet read Embedding KML files into HTML, we recommend doing that before continuing. Google no longer supports the use of this kind of gadget to embed Google GIS visualizations. We offer here an alternative to the official instructions, because the technology it depends on is still operative, but that that may not be the case for much longer. This illustrates a general risk of using third-party tools and other resources, which may disappear without warning, and without any obvious replacement or other alternative.

Using the gadget

This section is a duplicate of the Fake KML embed gadget maker, a successful attempt to replicate the functionality of the real KML embed gadget provided by Google, which is currently offline. The developer of the replica site, Barry Hunter, took the original open-source code and wrapped it in a convenient basic container. As Hunter warns, the iframe generated by this tool comes with no warranty at all: Google could discontinue or break the Google Earth API or Google Maps API, on which this tool relies. This feature is in no way endorsed by Google Inc.

  1. If you’ve created your KML file from your project files using XSLT, upload your KML file to your project web site. Copy the link and paste it in the first box
  2. Fill out the form below choosing your preferences. Then click the Submit button.
  3. A new page should appear, either a 3D globe or a 2D map with your content (required plug-in for the 3D globe).
  4. If you are satisfied with the results, copy the URL of that page and use it as needed in your project.
kml_url KML or My Maps URL
view_mode View mode
lat Optional - Center Latitude (leave blank to center on KML file)
lng Optional - Center Longitude (leave blank to center on KML file)
zoom Maps zoom level - Optional
earth_2d_fallback 3D - Fall back to 2D on error
True   ·   False
earth_fly_from_space 3D - Fly in from space
True   ·   False
earth_show_nav_controls 3D - Show navigation controls
True   ·   False
earth_show_buildings 3D - Show buildings
True   ·   False
earth_show_terrain 3D - Show 3D terrain
True   ·   False
earth_show_roads 3D - Show roads
True   ·   False
earth_show_borders 3D - Show borders and labels
True   ·   False
earth_sphere 3D - Sphere
maps_streetview 2D - Enable Streetview
True   ·   False
maps_zoom_out 2D - Zoom out on load
True   ·   False
maps_default_type 2D - Default Map Type

Useful tips