Inferno (formerly Reefer) Project Update -9/30

At our meeting this week, the group formerly known as Reefer Madness has come to a decision about the topic of our project, leaving behind the aforementioned film in favor of something a bit more stimulating to us - Dante's Inferno. We believe this piece will allow for not only more in-depth research questions, but also more substantial results.


Victorian Ghost Stories: Update 9/30

At this week's project meeting we discussed where we wanted out project to go. We first selected what four or so stories we wanted to read by the next time we met. We are thinking of using less stories and focusing on them more intricately than using more and doing something like one type of linguistic analysis. The stories we chose include John Charrington's Wedding, Old Nurse's Story, Walnut Tree House, and The Old House in Vauxhall Walk. The stories are posted to our GitHub. We talked about what linguistics components we wanted to include.


Victorian Ghosts Update 9/23/2016

This week, our group met to discuss the possibilities for which texts we would like to use, along with the type of analysis we would like to do. We think our focus may lean toward wealth and social status, as these are easily related to linguistics, which Kaylen will be considering this week. Additionally, Gabi and David would like to focus on the more speculative fiction aspects of the story-- what is a ghost? how does it work? why is it there?


Reefer Project Update 9-23-16

In our first meeting, we discussed the logistics of our future meetings and outlined our goals for our project. We first got familiar with GitHub, which we will use for the future postings of our content and project research. We initially chose the film Reefer Madness, however, we are now thinking of alternate films/TV shows that could generate better research questions. We also have an interest in integrating a linguistics component into our project so we decided it would be best to focus on analyzing the screenplay.

Nikki's Project Proposal: Reefer Madness!

Being a creative writing major and a film minor has prepared me for my dream career: screenwriting. So naturally, I chose a screenplay to study for this project. As I scrolled through the very very short list of movies that were not under copyright laws, one of the titles caught my eye: 'Reefer Madness'. Not only was the title hilarious, (I mean, who calls it "reefer" anymore?) but the film was made in the 1930’s by a local church group.

Abby Drabick_project proposal: New Iberian World Series Primary Documents

For my project I hope to work with primary documents included in the series New Iberian World. Victors, victims, and a historian that has familial connections to both sides write these documents. I would like to quantitatively analyze the language of these documents, including verb and adjective connotation, to answer my research question, which is concerned with bias and truth. Through use of all the documents, historians in more recent times have been able to piece together an accurate depiction of what really happened.

Jessica's proposal - Intensifier Usage in Popular TV Show

“Intensifier is a linguistic term for a modifier that makes no contribution to the meaning of a clause but serves to enhance and give additional emotional context to the word it modifies.” This type of word is typically placed before or after of an adjective to show the degree or other characteristic. Examples include very/so/really/quite/too/somewhat/as ever/etc., as in “very nice,” “so nice,” “really nice,” “nice as ever,” and so on. While there are some fairly stable ones, such as very/really, we have seen some come and go throughout time.

David's proposal: Exploring the Speculative Short Story Collection through Idylls of the King

The short story collection is a major trend in modern literary fiction and could arguably be considered a genre all its own. The short story collection is most easily described as a collection of short works linked or united by some factor, such as theme, style, place, or some (or some set of) repeating character(s). Literary fiction as a root genre, however, is often critical of others offshoots, such as speculative fiction—better known as the realm of sci-fi and fantasy—and instead opts for more elitist, substantial spinoffs like magical realism.

Emma's project proposal: The Progression of Pam

After spending a few too many hours watching The Office, it becomes clear that the writers have a very intentional character arc for Jenna Fischer’s character, Pam Beesly. Pam starts out the series as a funny yet quiet and reserved woman. She is in a stagnant relationship that she wishes was moving faster yet she lacks the courage to say something. As the series progresses we watch her slowly become more assertive and self-confident in her relationships and her work.

Kaylen's Project Proposal: Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter

Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Scarlet Letter” is a text that is rich with symbolism. Set in Puritan New England, the story is distinguished by a preoccupation with issues such as sin, justice, and the supernatural. Ranging from the infamous letter "A" to the unbridled forest to the characters themselves, symbols appear and reoccur over the course of the text. This project will strive to chart various symbols throughout the novel, using the resulting data to examine the novel’s most salient themes and how Hawthorne represented them through his use of language.



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