Wordnet tutorial

I've created a Wordnet tutorial, geared to our course projects, at https://github.com/djbpitt/wordnet. I met Monday with Kaylen and Meghan to walk through it, and today I expanded the explanatory sections to cover more of the Wordnet basics. Comments and suggestions welcome, of course!


Hell if I know (how to use Wordnet) Update 11/17

New week, new us! Meghan and I (Nikki) have been working hard on this website! Meghan has learned how to make our image centered and how to get it up onto our website. I took the time to draw our photo of the layers of Hell. Since this photo will be one of the main features for our website, I figured it would be worth it to do it personally, that way it is exactly how we want it. Meghan has also uploaded landing pages for our navigation bar. Yay! I am still working out the kinks in the rest of our website (font issues) but we pretty much have the basic structure of our website completed.


Vic! Vic! Victorious! Update 11/17

Our meeting for this week went well! We focused in on our research questions, coming up with a list of specific data we want to grab over the coming weeks. Some of those questions are: "How many scary words/phrases per plot point?"; "What is the total number of scary words per story?"; and "Which part of speech is connected to the most scary words?" We also began discussing potential visualizations and graph types. Heading into the Thanksgiving break, we plan to do the following:

David, Gabi, Kaylen: Tidy up loose ends with markup, particularly our scary_words and scary_phrases.

A Cool Mapping Tool

So for a future research project I'm hoping to do, I've been poking around the internet for maps of Victorian London. I was meeting with liaison librarian Robin Kear to find other resources when we found www.locatinglondon.org. This site offers maps from the 18th and 19th centuries that are geographic information system (GIS) compliant. Even cooler than that, the old maps are compatible with a modern Google map of London, so if you drag the little orange guy to a place on the physical map, you can see the modern street view of that spot.


Dante Update 11/12

As far as markup, we seemed to have yet another slow but productive week. After completing and perfecting the structural markup, which held us up for some time earlier, we were finally able to get started on the pain and torture markup. This markup is manual, since we are not looking for specific words or phrases but must identify meaning based on the context – quite a daunting task in itself when interpreting Inferno. Thus, it required a bit of reading and deciphering meaning.


11/11 Ghost Project Update

After the group meeting with Professor Han, I think we all have a stronger sense of how we're going to use this tool to explore our texts. Our project is actually really well-suited for Wordnet, as the language used in the stories is pretty modern. One possible direction we can take this: words that actually have to do with fear (like "horror" or "terror") are going to be closely related-- but how close are the words that the writers use to create fear themselves?


Joint project meeting Wed, Nov 9

Na-Rae Han has generously agreed to make a guest appearance at a joint project meeting this week, where she'll assist the teams in formulating their Wordnet strategies. I would be grateful if whoever usually makes the reservations would please reserve the regular side-by-side spaces, and I'll look forward to joining you all in learning more about Wordnet!

Dante's Fanning the Flames

This week was slow but productive on the schema and markup side of the project. Jessica and I (Emma) spent hours doing the structural markup of our document changing and trying the schema over and over again. The structural markup proved more complicated than we anticipated because the way the document is actually structured conflicts with the content markup we want to do but we finally figured it out. What we did was make lines, stanzas, and cantos all milestone markers (empty elements) so that we could have our circle and pouch_ring elements span those markers.


Ghosts 11/3/2016

This week we continued working on what we want to complete for our midterm. Both the Dante group and Ghost group worked together on web design at the last meeting. For website design we hope to learn what are capabilities are to develop an outline of what will be included on each page. The goal is to have all preliminary pages uploaded, but the entire outline will not be completed by the midterm because we want to focus on mark-up. We are intending have all mark-up, including mark-up of scary words finished. We are going to develop our understanding WordNet.


Dante's Inferno Update - 10/28

Since our last posting, we have held 3 meetings (!) and had a chance to discuss many of the things that were holding us up until now.



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