Illustrious Children Project Update

This week, Kat and I had our first meeting with Gabi to discuss our project in general terms. We talked about potential research questions regarding historical versus fictional and male versus female characters, and how we might go about analyzing the actual text. We discussed the length of the text we want to work with, and decided that it would be best to focus in depth on several of the short stories as opposed to the whole book, unless time permits and we can work on the rest of the stories.

Asian Poetry Project

Asian Poetry Project Update

The project will be based on two texts: the Collection of Ten-Thousands Leaves (Manyoshu), which is an anthology of Japanese poetry compiled around the 8th century and the Complete Tang Poems (Quan Tangshi), which is an anthology of Chinese poetry in Tang dynasty (618-907). The reason that we chose the two texts is that they collected poems at nearly the same period, and comparison between the two texts can reflect difference between medieval China and Japan on a social and cultural level.

Attaching documents using campus mac computers

Hello all,

I'm currently encountering a problem with attaching homework (the notification specifies the xml document won't attach) to the courseweb upload page. I have yet to have an issue in the past however this my first time using a campus mac computer to complete the assignment. Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Chris Montgomery

DH workshop Fri, January 27, 1:00–3:00

Matt Lavin (Clinical Assistant Professor of English and Director of Digital Media Lab at the University of Pittsburgh) is leading an introductory-level workshop on "Digital Humanities Approaches to Text Analysis” on Friday, January 27 from 1:00–3:00 in the Digital Scholarship Services lab in Hillman Library (ground floor rear). Matt's interests and methods differ from but substantially intersect with the content of our course, and the workshop is aimed at total newcomers, so I'd encourage you all to come learn something new if you're able.

Zachos proposal: Fractured Lands

For the class research project, I want to dive into a longform journalism piece published in The New York Times Magazine in August 2016. The piece, Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart, came together after 18 months of reporting and charts events happening in the Arab world since the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The content continues through the rise of ISIS and the current refugee crisis. I will dissect the text by coding different locations and people involved, as well as where they travel and why.

Arts and Crafts Writers and their Influences

The Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s was an answer to the dehumanization of labor and decrease in quality of manufactured goods during the industrial revolution. It took communist ideals and applied them to production to return dignity to individual craftsmanship. I’m interested in tracing the influences of communist movements and works on the prominent writers and philosophers of the Arts and Crafts movement, as well as the influences and networks between themselves.

Project Proposal—Emily Weiss

Last semester, I worked on a project analyzing a relatively unknown work from the nineteenth century called "Historical Tales of Illustrious British Children" by Agnes Strickland. The book is a collection of fictional short stories detailing real historical events featuring prominent children throughout British history. Strickland does this by adding dialogue, characters, and settings from her own imagination, weaving them into a fact-based historical background. She also adds a short historical summary for each tale, noting where her own stories deviate from the truth.

Movie Reviews Project Proposal

In the research project for the course, I want to look at movie reviews for a single film that has been around for decades. The part I'm interested in is how reviews have approached the film from the initial release to retrospectives, because there are important factors that influence the differences in writing about a single film over time. There are many examples of classic films that were derided on release, but are now lauded so an analysis could bring to light what the reviewers focused on and how reviewers talk about the film today.

Homer's Odyssey

For this course’s research project, I will use Homer’s Odyssey as my primary source, with which I will map out a particularly unique signature character dynamic that appears in Greek mythology. In Odyssey, Odysseus, the book’s namesake and protagonist, wanders aimlessly with the objective of returning to his long-departed home and family, all the while coming into contact with, and in many instances, struggling with non-human characters, many of whom are Olympian gods.

Klinger Project Proposal

Japan during the Heian era (794-1185 CE) is uniquely regarded for having women dominate its literary Golden Age. As writing was considered an acceptable pastime for high class women, they were educated and ultimately main recorders of autobiographies, memoirs, essays, poetry, etc. Women were first educated in the writing of letters to make them attractive marriage partners to the men of the Imperial family.


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