Game of Thrones: Update 11

This week we have been working on wrapping it all up. I have been working on finishing the tagging we need for our analysis and correcting mistakes as I come across them. This is just exactly what it sounds like - good ol' manual tagging.

Lilija has been working on touching up the website and figuring out the SVG for displaying the analysis that Jerri has been working on.


ConLang Update 11

It's the home stretch, and now everything's coming together. This week, I pinned the CC License to the bottom of my index page, made the menu text larger and easier to notice, created and included the visualizations of my data (bar graphs) on my results page (including preemptive tagging to start work on my intended JavaScript inclusion), wrote out all the information and analysis, made sure my site was all valid HTML, and made sure the site layout was uniform across all the pages.


newtFire DH Emily Dickinson Exhibit: Please Visit and Report Back!

One of our newtFire (Greensburg) DH coding projects, "Emily Dickinson Fascicle 16" (posted at will be exhibited as a Workstation in the "Spring 2016 Digital Showcase" tomorrow (Friday, April 15, 11am to 2pm in CL 501), and we have a special request for our Obdurodon kin: Can someone go and check out the Workstation and report back to us here on Obdurodon, or better yet on our DHClass-Hub (here at


Project presentation schedule

The schedule for our project presentations is at As we discussed earlier, projects don't have to be completed by that time, so you can demonstrate what you've already installed; talk about the research goals, how you've approached them, and any results you already have to report; and then describe what you still plan to do. Plan on about 15 minutes for each project, which you can divide between your own presentation and question-and-answer time.

Musicality Update 10

This week, we were unable to meet at our standard meeting time on Friday, so we apologize for the late update. We are still currently struggling with creating our graphs. The Radar graph has been put on the back burner for now as Lauryn and Alex are trying to figure out how to format the wavelength graph and are running into trouble with the path element and the individual relative points needed to create the graph. I have been working on the connotation graph in the mean time, but have been running into trouble with svg and xslt. Such is life.


Careers in DH

Aaron Brenner, the Coordinator of Digital Scholarship for the University Library System, will be holding an open meeting on Wednesday, April 20 at 9:00 a.m. in the Digital Scholarship Services area of Hillman Library (go in the main entrance and head for the left rear of that floor). Aaron will talk about opportunities in DH beyond the undergraduate degree, including graduate study and digital library and related careers. Some of Elisa's students will be there, and Aaron has invited any of you who might be interested to join them, as well.

ConLang Update 10

This week, I set out primarily to focus on consolidating my data and creating visualizations for it, in addition to fixing a few minor elements of the ConLang website at the suggestion of Helena and Liv. I haven't embedded the visualizations into the page yet, but the XHTML for them can be found on GitHub (links below), as well as the minor (mostly aesthetic) modifications I made to the general page layout.


Cultivating Civility in Online Discussion Environments

As frequenters of online discussion forums, I'm sure we've all seen many instances of incivility and also how such instances can escalate quickly and be more intense and hurtful than they might be in offline interpersonal encounters. The phenomenon is so very common that it regularly produces studies on cyberbullying and poor impulse control and anger management in social media (as in, and it's a pretty fruitful topic for a DH project!

Amman Update 10

I'm excited about how progress is going on the project so far. There's not much to update because it's all kind of the same stuff going on at the moment. I'm adding my hypothesis to the methodology page which is mostly done except for verbs yet. For the analysis page, I'm all done with gender and preposition for the most part, Shawn and I are going to work to implement Java Script to get the excerpts to display on the page when you mouse over the examples. Still working on the verbs and how I'm going to analyze them.

Digital showcase

The English Department is organizing a digital showcase of student work and has invited us to participate. If you would like to include your project in their showcase, please email the organizer (Melissa Yang, by April 11, with a copy to me. Participating in this showcase is optional, but I'd encourage you all to join in.



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