Amman Project Response

I've really enjoyed watching your project grow over the semester! I've been to Jordan and spent a few days in Amman so your project really caught my attention. I've only studied romance languages, therefore it was really interesting to how some of the linguistic differences that Standard Arabic and its dialects show.

ConLang Response (from 4/18 Presentation)

I was extremely intrigued by the Klingon Hamlet presentation and Ryan's proposed research questions. I imagine most people would not be immediately drawn to this kind of obscure topic, but his attention to detail, commitment to analysis, and design choices made the project unique and fun to explore. In terms of detail, I specifically appreciate the Methods page on the website. Here Ryan has broken down the necessary steps for each segment of his project, from how he obtained the data and what types of coding he used, to how he chose to structure the analysis.


Amman Project Response -- Ryan Schroeder

This project presents very well, and the website functions beautifully. It ambitiously targets three separate grammatical targets and still easily manages to provide enough information about all of them without overloading the reader (or listener, in the case of the presentation itself). The analysis and conclusions follow logically from the data provided, and there is never an inappropriate leap in logic.

ConLang Response (4.18)

I really enjoyed the ConLang project. I didn’t know where you’d gotten the idea from originally so it was really neat to hear about the line from one of the movies about reading Shakespeare in the original Klingon. As someone who doesn’t know anything about Klingon, or even Star Wars, it was cool to hear about how the language works and it sounds really unique the way they use certain prefixes that denote things like honor and fear.

Response to ConLang

First of all, your presentation was entertaining and your site is in great shape. However, having said that I saw a few minor things that could be tweaked, mainly the graphs. Overall your graphs looked good, but they were a tad confusing. I suggest that you add titles to the graphs so that it is clear from the get-go. Furthermore, I would recommend using more labels on the graphs. On a different note, you might want to increase the opacity of the masks because at times it was hard to read the projected image.


Response to Klingon Presentation

I really enjoyed listening to your presentation today. Although I am not that familiar with the Star Trek world, I find it super interesting that they developed their own language for the show. I think that the premise of your project is interesting for this reason as well as for the cultural lens you used to analyze Klingon Hamlet, in terms of what you said about fear in Klingon Society. I had asked in class about your graphs, specifically the ones representing characters who confessed their fears and characters who had fears confessed to them.


JavaScript Garden

I've just discovered a fascinating resource for JavaScript, purporting to cover its more "quirky" features: JavaScript Garden:


HTML/JavaScript Tutor

Hi friends! A good friend of mine is graduating this semester and she just needs to get through one last test in her Information Sciences class. She's having a little trouble with HTML and JavaScript and is looking for someone who might be able to tutor her in it for a few hours. It's not a huge deal but I figured I'd post it here in case any of you computer experts were interested, she'll pay you in cookies and undying devotion I'm sure. If you want to get in touch with her, her email is and her name is Jessica.

Thank you!

Amman Update 11

So this week is much of the same, still chipping away at the little things left in the project. I've got some SVG up on the site under the verb analysis page. It's not perfect yet, it still needs some tweaking of the details but the actual SVG part i.e. the chart is all done. The things that need changing are more along the lines of the text that goes with it and just formatting it into the website in the best way. I'm really happy about that because I was stressing a bit.

Musicality Update 11

Hello Everyone! We're nearing the end of this project, it's going pretty well! This week I (Lauryn!) worked on creating the wavelength graph using SVG and have developed it further so now there is a wavelength, and now all I have to do is place the verbs where they lie on the dynamic curves. We also decided to combine our graphs that show note duration and connotation into a relative bar graph, which Allie is tackling this week. We also will be doing all of this for a second song, "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar.



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