Illustrious Children Update

This past week, we finished up most of our work on the markup, and the markup on final tale will be completed this weekend. With markup out of the way, we can finally begin to concentrate more fully on our website, as well as our XSLT. We want to start thinking about how we're going to display our data, and we will beginning brainstorming different ideas for our next meeting. We also want revisit our research question, and tweak it if necessary to better fit our timeline, findings during markup, and what we want to display for our data.

Asian Poetry Weekly Post 7

Chinese Poetry:
This week, the Chinese poetry branch did something about people's background. We analyzed the background of people that each group of people interacted with and drew a chart. We have posted some rough conclusions, and we will make them look more professional later.
We plan to do something about names and geography next week.

Immigration Station Update

This week, with more tagging out of the way, we focused on analyzing the debates and how we plan on doing that. We discussed how we're going to orient our graphics with our analysis, whether we're going to place the images side-by-side with text or in pop-up windows. We most likely won't have them on different pages because although that's how a coder would see things, images in context makes more sense to an average user.

East Asian Poetry Report

The Tang branch:
I made a network map especially about people with religious background. The result shows that except some body with extreme passion to a specific religion, most of the Tang poets interacted with religious people equally. The numebr of Buddhists that they interacted with is similar to the number of Daoists that they had relationship with. It shows that most of Tang poets were neutral to religions.

Ill-Kids Update

After getting our css up with hours to go before the midterm deadline, the rest of our progress this week was continuing with markup of our five stories. We are now at three out of five, and the goal for next week is to get to four and a half. At this point we have few mark up conflicts and expect it to progress without much hindrance. The bulk of the time we spend on mark up is in tagging the different types of language that we will use to see if there are differences in style between the story and its historical summary.

DH lecture about distant reading

"Talking about Asia: Distant Reading and Modern Japanese Literature"
Thursday, March 30th at 3pm
4130 Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh

Immigration Station Update

Immigration Station, being unfamiliar with the concept of Spring Break, was able to make solid headway on tagging debates, totaling 10 thus far. By the end of the weekend we hope to boost that number to a minimum of 15. Chris and Eric continued tagging Democratic debates, getting at least a first combing of 7. The uniformity across debates is still in question, so some time throughout the week was devoted to continuing to refine mark-up methods. This weekend will be spent by all members continuing to tag new debates and also apply continued revisions to existing mark-ups.

Illustrious Children Midterm Update

For our midterm push we decided to make progress in our markup, as well as to establish an online presence. While we were hindered a little by the post-spring break craze as well as Kat being out of the country over break, we were able to meet our goals.

Asian Poetry Midterm Report


  The markup of Tang poems has finished. Titles of 1500 poems were randomly selected from volume 1-5 and 30-185 of Quan Tangshi. Majority of the poets were living before or around 750CE, which is year that divides Tang dynasty into early and later periods. Finally, 878 of the poems have people’s names mentioned. On the relationship network of early Tang dynasty, there are 769 nodes (including poets and people mentioned) and 900 edges (or links).

Immigration Station Update

This week, with our schema and tagging methodology coming to be increasingly codified, we decided to move into tagging debates in full (at least where immigration is involved... approx. 10% of the total transcript). With the level of subjectivity associated with our markup, we paired off and assigned a group of two members to two debates weekly as a tentative schedule of sorts to try and minimize tagging discrepancies, of which a number still remain. Eric and Chris will be working with Democratic debates, and Elaina and I (Zac) will handle the Republican debates.


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