Illustrious Children Update

As we head towards the end of finals week, Ill Kids is trying to both create more visualizations and get our website up and running. For the visualizations, we want to create more radar charts, one for each character. Our ideal goal would be to create one radar chart using javascript that would allow us to toggle between views of the areas of different characters, so that the characters could be compared but the graph wouldn't get to cluttered. That may be difficult, however, due to our initial not-so-great experiences in javascript.

Immigration Station Weekly Update

This week, we focused more of our attention on the analysis of all our data and the formulation of its presentation. We are making progress towards drafting our visualizations to juxtapose keyword usage among the candidates, and we have also begun our written analyses of the data we've extracted from the debates themselves, namely with Mallet.

Asian Poetry

As it is the last week of classes and beginning of finals finding enough time to set aside to work on the mains points of the Nara portion of the project has been hard to come by. Instead we decided to focus on finishing some smaller aspects of the project to build off of in the final stretch. This included looking up all of the coordinates for each location included in the Manyoshu corpus. This proved to be more difficult than expected as many of the locations no longer exist, have been combined with other locations, or have just been renamed.

Immigration Station Update

In this week's project meeting we spent a good chunk of time going over three topic areas. To start, we looked as a group at or MALLET results. In running our MALLET program we used speech utterances from debate sections tagged as for immigration. In so doing, we have run into issues with possible pivots or non-immigration rhetoric finding its way into sections- likely do to politicians dodging questions or even potentially tagging error.

Illustrious Children Update

This week we made some important progress with our project. On Saturday, we met to create our ODD, which we generated using an extremely helpful online tutorial. As of now, all of our texts have been updated to be TEI conformant, and we have made small updates to our website. At our regularly scheduled project meeting, we discussed creating our radar chart, which we will use to compare the most frequently used adjectives from story to story. We have also begun work on the XSLT to output our stories onto our website.

East Asian Poetry Report

In preparation for our presentations this Friday the Japanese portion of the project had to go through all of the XML and refine it, fixing all of the Person and Location elements. On the Person elements this included adding various attributes to identify their role, sex, type, where they were referenced, etc. and on Location elements this meant identifying their region, and type. After adjusting the mark up we then had to go through all of our previous documents that referenced the XML and adjust those (XSLT, SVG, Relax NG).

Ill-Kids Update

Our mark up is finally complete! We immediately have noticed quantifiable differences in the adjectives used to describe male and female characters, and are excited to start working to compare the other aspects of our mark up.

Immigration Station Weekly Update

At our last group meeting we discussed the consistency of our website layout pertaining to the color and size of divs using flexbox. The goal for progress on the css for the website's debate and candidate pages is to make everything readable while conforming to the design of the website, so there will be some text color changes but they don't deviate from the other pages too much. The reading views, as of right now, are separate pages but we might change that so users don't need to go click more than they need to.

Asian Poetry Weekly Post 8

This week, we made a page displaying something about geography. Regions that are mostly related to court officials are filled in red, and reigons that are mostly related to provincial officials are filled in green. It shows the difference between north and south. Northern parts are close to court officials and southern parts are close to provincial officials. We plan to make more pages displaying geography about important individuals.

Immigration Station Weekly Update

This week, we decided to fully commit our energy into site development and getting the ball rolling with debate and candidate analysis -- with the hope of being able to return to debate markup once we are in a more comfortable position in regard to publishing our research. One of the first things we managed to accomplish this week was the synchronization of our domain client (fetch/secure shell) and our repository, to streamline and unify github with our site.


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