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Test #6: SVG

The task

Your task is to write XSLT that will generate an SVG visualization from the Federalist papers. This XML is modified from the Federalist papers course project from fall 2021. Before you write a single angle bracket, take a moment to do some exploratory document analysis and get a sense of the structure of the XML. We’ll be working across all of the papers in the document, looking for the <federalism> element.

Your output visualization should be a bar graph that represents the number of instances of <federalism> in each paper. We more fully outline our expectations below, under the section labeled Required tasks.

You should upload both your XSLT and the SVG output, and both should observe our usual file-naming conventions.

General guidelines

Required tasks

At a minimum, your XSLT should produce SVG output with the following features:

Bonus (optional, extra-credit) tasks