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Test #6: SVG


This test uses the XML of the the biblical book of Revelations, which the Revelations and Psalms team developed last semester and which we’ve modified slightly for this test. You can find that file here. Emotional language in the text is tagged with a number of elements, such as <anger> and <joy>. Take some time to explore the text (use your XPath exploratory data analysis skills) and make note of how it is marked up, identifying the element names and where those elements occur in the text. Imagine that you’re a researcher interested in finding which emotions occur most frequently in the text.

The task

By this point, you’ll be familiar with creating bar graphs in SVG. We’re asking you to do that yet again, this time using the number of times each emotion appears in the text.You must, of course, use XSLT to generate your SVG. We will run the transformation ourselves to see the output.

Baseline requirements

Output requirements

Your XSLT should output SVG with the following features:

Optional bonus tasks

The following aren’t required features of your submissions, but are excellent ways to enhance your SVG skills: