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Text #5: XSLT

The task

Your task it to write XSLT that will create an HTML reading view of our XML version of Gaston Leroux’s original Phantom of the opera, which can be found at The look and style of the output is up to you except for places where we specify (below) certain elements to include, and except for those details, any HTML output that is consistent with the way a printed novel might reasonably be rendered is fine.

We recommend that you download and study the Relax NG schema that we used to validate the XML, which you can find at You can develop and run your XSLT transformation without the schema, but studying the schema before you begin writing your XSLT will help you understand the structure of the XML, which will make it easier to plan your transformation.

General guidelines

Required tasks

At a minimum, the output of your transformation must include the following features that are more or less expected in a reading view of a novel:

Bonus (optional, extra-credit) tasks

For optional extra credit you may: