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Test #3: regular expressions

To demonstrate your ability to work with regular expressions we are asking you to tag Sophocles’s Oedipus the King. We downloaded this originally from Project Gutenburg and prepared a simplified version that you should use for the text, which is available at

For test purposes we are asking you to tag the following basic structural elements by using regular-expression find-and-replace operations. You should describe the steps you took by creating a markdown document, which you should upload when you are done.

The find-and-replace operations below are listed in no particular order, which is to say that you may not want to perform them in the order in which we present them. Sometimes the order doesn’t matter, but at other times whether you tag from the inside out or the outside in can affect how easy it is to get to the results you want. It may be easiest to perform some of these operations in multiple passes. Here are the operations you’ll want to perform:

When you are done, upload the markdown file that documents how you performed your regex replacement opereations. Do not upload the XML that you created; we will rerun the steps you document to create the XML.